free poker training – what’s new

essential poker math – simplified

Texas Holdem is a math based game – luckily, the essential math principles are easy to understand once explained properly. Even if math isn’t your forte, we provide ample mental shortcuts to help you master various concepts that you need to know.

poker overview – the big ideas

In this section you will find our detailed thoughts on various aspects of the game of Texas Holdem as a whole.

key poker concepts – explained

Here we delve into various key poker concepts that are often misunderstood by many players, so we hope to explain them in a way that is easy to follow. Please keep in mind that you should always be thinking of these concepts in terms of an overall strategy.

key tournament concepts – explained

In a tournament you are not always looking to maximize your chip expected value (unlike a cash game). When should you prioritize survival in the tournament, and when should you prioritize accumulation of chips?

building a poker strategy – how to start

In order to win the most you can from your game, you will have to think in terms of an overall strategy. Here we discuss the things you will need to think about in order to start building a strategy.

poker variants

There are other exciting poker games that you can play other than Texas Hold’Em. Perhaps you will have a bigger edge over your opponents in other variants.

interactive poker quizzes – instant feedback

Active learning is key to being able to retain information that you will be able to use later when needed. Find out if you have really understood our training material, with these interactive quizzes. You will get instant feedback on screen, with detailed explanations of all the answers. These quizzes are purely here to help you improve – we do NOT store your answers.